Ovh debian kernel upgrade

Quick reminder to update an OVH Kernel

Silex router:debug

A simple code example that shows how to use the Symfony component console with a Silex application.

Raspberrypi camera using motion package

Raspberrypi camera configuration notes

Raspberry pi install notes

Some reminder notes, how-to, configuration steps for the Raspberry pi

Ffmpeg mp3 batch conversion

ffmpeg batch conversion using metadata tags to generate a filename

Know your debian version details

lsb_release to the rescue

Owncloud with debian 7

Quick install steps for OwnCloud on a Debian 7 distrib

Reverting, updating a previous commit

How to revert/update a commit in an older revision than the previous commit

Git file rebirth

using git fsck --lost-found

Macport shell script to manage your local server

A simple shell script, to manage my local development server and switch between different php versions.

Incrementing an integer field for a list of rows

Using mysql session variables

Exim4 - courier - ssl

For dedicated unix user maildir folder

Pureftpd with mysql

Install Pure-FTPd with mysql backend

Sorting disk usage on debian

Command to sort disk usage in a human readable format

Copy your ssh key to a server, in one command line

One line command to copy your ssh public key directly to a server